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Self-Clean Convection Freestanding

Failure Code Condition Check/Repair

F0 Stuck CLEAR/OFF touch pad switch.
1.  Try to free sticking switch or.
2.   Replace keypad.
F1 Stuck relay on circuit board.
1.  Replace board.
F2  Control senses oven temp, over 615F with door unlocked, over 9615F with door locked (self clean).
1.  Test oven temperature sensor for continuity, replace if necessary.
2.   If oven temperature sensor is OK, replace circuit board.

F3  Oven temperature sensor circuit open.
1.   Replace oven temperature sensor.
F4  Oven temperature sensor circuit shorted.
1.   Replace oven temperature sensor.

 F5 Loss of internal timer safety in the heating mode in bake/broil.
1.  Check circuit board.
2.  Replace if necessary.
F7  Shorted touch pad switch.
1.   Any except up/down arrow and clear/off pads.
2.   Replace touch pad.
FC  Door latch error.
1.   Check door latch.
FD  Shorted meat probe, jack or wires.
1.   Check wiring harness.
2.   Meat probe jack.
FF  Loss of door lock circuit protection.
1.  Check door lock circuit switch.
2.  Check wiring and circuit board.

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