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Range/Stove/Oven Fault Codes

Failure Code Condition Check/Repair

F0 and F1 Failed Thermistor Control.
1.   Replace Electronic Range Control (ERC).
F2  Oven temp exceeds 590F w/ unlocked door High resistance or interference in oven temperature sensor.
1.   Likely a bad oven temperature sensor.
F3  Open oven temperature sensor circuit.
1.   Replace oven temperature sensor.
2.   Or open oven temperature sensor fuse.
F4  Shorted wire (oven temperature sensor).
1.   Locate and correct.
F7   Function pad button stuck or Bad clock.
1.   Try to free stuck button.
2.   Replace clock assembly (also called the ERC).
F8  Component Failure.
1.   Replace Electronic Range Control (ERC).
F9  Problem  with  door circuit.
1.   Check wiring.

RCA fault codes