Range/Stove/Oven Fault Codes

Failure Code Condition Check/Repair

F0 & F1  EOC (Electronic Oven Control) failure.
1.    Replace Electronic Oven Control.
F2 Oven too hot.
1.   Check Bake function.
2.   If OK, replace oven temperature sensor.
F3  Oven temperature sensor open.
1.   Check oven temperature sensor.
2.   Should be ~1100 ohms at room temperature.
3.   If too high or low, replace oven temperature sensor.
F4  Oven temperature sensor shorted.
1.   Replace oven temperature sensor.
F5, 6, 7 EOC (Electronic Oven Control) failure.
1.   Replace Electronic Oven Control.
F8  Lock switches.
1.   Check switches and replace if necessary.

tappan fault codes

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